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No matter what you’re making, our spices, seasonings, extracts, recipe mixes, and other ingredients are ready to help you bring flavour to a whole new level.

  • Dip into the social side of dinner with new Club House Fondue Seasoning Mixes. Serve with your favourite meats and vegetables for an interactive meal experience!

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  • Herbs & Spices

    We travel the globe to bring you a full range of herbs and spices for out of the world flavour.

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  • Meal Helpers

    From sauces to complete recipe mixes, our quick and easy meal helpers are here to make life a little more delicious.

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  • Seasoning Blends

    We’ve expertly blended our herbs and spices for an all-in-one solution to increase the flavour of your favourite dish.

    Seasoning Blends

  • La Grille

    Our seasonings, wet rubs, marinades, and BBQ sauces are ready to deliver a variety of bold flavours for delicious grilling experiences.

    La Grille

  • Baking

    Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned baker, delicious and fun treats start with high-quality extracts, flours, and colourings.


  • Specialties

    It’s easy to bring out the best in what you eat with these unique solutions that instantly add flavour to your favourite food.