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Where can I find it?

Club House products are found in most grocery stores across Canada. Ask your store manager to help you find the section (different retailers put products in different places). If your store does not carry the product you want, your store manager may agree to bring it in if you request it.

The date code is on your product. Newer items have “Best By” dates imprinted on them, while on many older items, there is a date code printed on the bottom of the bottle.

Please retain this product and your reference number in case we need it to be returned to us for follow up by our Quality Assurance Department. We will forward you a post-paid return mailer if we do require your product for further investigation.

If you prefer to mail it immediately to us, please send the product along with your reference number to: La Cie McCormick Canada, PO Box 5788, London, ON N6A 4Z2

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